• Gunnar Friese

Storage solutions every (luxury) kitchen needs

Storage is a big thing in every kitchen independent of the actual room size. The key is using the available space as efficient as possible. The kitchen floor plan or layout is the main factor here. There are multiple kitchen layouts, some work better for utilizing storage space than others. I am a big fan of avoiding inaccessible corners (even so there are ways of using them) and funny angles. I try to keep the layouts i design as simple as possible. Simple often means efficient in terms of practicality and storage capacity.

Designing the floor plan is always my first step when i look at a new project, no matter if its a kitchen, laundry, wine cellar or boat shed. AutoCAD is still the Go-To tool for the 2 dimensional layout. The layout might change a bit when I start working out design features in 3D, but having a practical layout has priority over selecting colors and materials, I will make this topic for another blog.

What kind of storage does a well designed kitchen need?

Space for pots/ pans and utensils near the cook top, cutlery and crockery near the servery. Dedicated spaces for herbs/ spices, oils and sauces (they need a drip tray) in an arms reach from your hob for practical and enjoyable cooking. Where does the rubbish bin go?

A large fridge/ freezer takes care of the frozen and chilled items, but where do all the dry groceries (tins, flour, muesli...etc) go?

Most clients like to hide their small on bench appliances like toasters, kettles, mixers, etc.

Would you like a dedicated space for the quick morning breakfast preparation? Somewhere were you can make your breakfast and quickly shut the door and leave for our busy day?

Here are some of those storage solutions explained:

Internal drawers: perfect for cutlery and utensil storage

The concealed (hidden) drawer is perfect for storing smaller items. Drawer inserts like cutlery or utensil trays makes organizing things easy. The inserts can be arranged in any particular order to suit your organizing needs. Also they come in different colors and optics to match your drawer color. Blum (Legrabox) drawers come in White, Black and Anthracite (dark grey) with matching drawer inserts. I place internal drawers near cook tops and food preparation areas when designing a new kitchen, to have all the necessary utensils and cutlery at an arms reach.

Image courtesy Blum NZ

The perfect pantry: Blum Space tower

I find this is the perfect storage solution for most of your dry goods (and basically all your food items not needing refrigeration) and I propose this tower pantry to almost any kitchen design. Its just such a practical storage solution. I usually place this in the main kitchen, somewhere near the fridge to make grocery packing easy after shopping, sometimes into sculleries. Sometimes a second one in the scullery. Lets get rid of those old walk in panties shall we? ;-) The space tower gives you the most amount of storage in a certain space. Mostly I propose 4 times C height drawers (the high drawer with the glass front) and one M height drawer (the smaller one) but sometimes 2 small drawers are used, depending on the clients needs.

Image courtesy Blum NZ

Solutions for: Oils, Spices, rubbish bins

Having Oils, Sauces and spices near the cook top is as essential as having your utensils right there. Blum have developed a tidy spice rack and a stainless steel bottle tray with plastic dividers matching your drawer color. No more oily drawers because one of your oils and sauces leaked a bit. Its all neat and tidy arranged in a dedicated space.

As for rubbish bins, I like to keep those close to the sink where your food preparation is taking place, even if you have a waste master connected to the sink. I mostly use 2x 29L bins in a separate drawer with an internal drawer on top for rubbish bags etc. Or 2 drawers on top of each other with 2x17L bins each, so 4x17L bins in total. Thats provides all the flexibility for a 2 person household or more. Keeping rubbish bins in a separate drawer unit keeps the smells in one area too, having tall bins under the sink does not always work with the space already taken by piping and potentially a waste master or drinking water system.

Image courtesy Blum NZ

To be continued .... corner units, breakfast pantries and rangehood cabinets